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Products / Butchery Food Ingredients
We offer the most comprehensive, diverse and Innovative range of products to satisfy all the needs of the Meat and Food Industry

Our products are ISO 22000 systems certified. Our ISO 22000 commitment forms part of our "Microsafe®" food safety program objectives.

Food Additives & Enhancers

An ingredient, generally regarded as safe at prescribed addition levels, intentionally added to a food product to enhance the properties of the food product and prolong shelf life. Our Food Additives for fresh meat products, similarly, are designed to provide the best possible functionality at the most economical usage levels.

Flavour Enhancers Food Additives

The Microsafe® food safety program ensures that every product you use in your business is backed by sound food safety and quality principals. A Food additive should not be added to hide bad manufacturing practice or the use of inferior materials.

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Marinades & Sauces

Flavabaste Range of Dry Marinade Flavabaste, as the name says, means basting your meat with flavor! This flavorful range of dry marinades is great for the pocket and great in flavor.
USAGE:  Add 1 kg Flavabaste Marinade to 5 litres cold water

Grama’s® Sauces and Condiments

The Grama’s® Range of sauces and condiments have established a reputation over many years as economical products of consistent quality and superb flavor. Available in 5 litre bottles

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Meister Club® Cook ‘n Grill®

Cook and Grill® is a multi-purpose range of sauces for use in casseroles, and stir fries or as a marinade, basting sauce, cook-in sauce or a pour-on sauce. Delicious on meat, chicken, venison or fish, with NO ADDED MSG
Available in 5 litre bottles for back of counter preparation.

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Meister Club® Marinades

Meister Club® products have established themselves over many years and have become synonymous with superior quality. All Meister Club® products are top of the range and invariably top sellers in their respective fields. The Meister Club® Marinade range is no exception and comprises the most sought after flavors.
Available in 4 litre jars and 375 ml bottles.

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Something Chunky® Range

A superb range of dry marinades with real fruit chunks and ingredient pieces to add flavor and customer appeal.
Mix 1kg Something Chunky® marinades to 2 litres water.

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Sprinkles & Seasonings

Spices and herbs are among the most prized commodities in cultures around the world. They enhance the natural flavor of foods and are an important part of the food industry.
Herbs and Spices
Only the best quality spices and herbs are sourced from around the world, bringing you a diversity of flavors from as far away as Africa, The Middle and Far East, USA, Canada and Australia, as well as great quality spices and herbs harvested locally in South Africa.

Turn everyday food into international cuisine with these flavors from around the world:

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...Sprinkles and Seasonings

Add value and flavor to your products with this exclusive range of Seasonings, Sprinkles and Rubs. These will attract customers and increase sales and profits. They are flavorful, eye catching and are ideal for meat cuts, grills, roasts, soups, sauces, salads, chicken, and fish and for spicing up processed meat products.

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So Good® Home Meal Replacements

Home meal replacements (HMR) or meal solutions are regarded as major opportunities for sales growth. These fully-or partially-prepared foods appear to solve growing consumer needs: lack of time, lack of skill, and lack of desire to prepare food. They allow consumers the benefit of having a tasty home-cooked meal without having to cook it themselves, offering a healthy alternative to the typical Fast Food restaurants. All So Good® meals and desserts are packed in sachets, inside a 2.5 kg bucket. Features, advantages and benefits:

  • Contain no added MSG and are preservative free (all meals packed in buckets)
  • Are designed to deliver standardized yields (half bain-marie tray-insert across the range)
  • Provides consistency to our customers, as no pre-weighing of the spices is required, eliminating the factor of human error
  • The products are versatile in their application
  • Our customers save on labor time due to the convenience of using the sachets
  • The range is accompanied with a very user friendly recipe file
  • The recipe file contains a CD with:
    • Costing program
    • Recipe ingredient declarations and allergen statement
  • Simple recipes
  • Can create signature dishes using a range of sprinkles
  • Range of desserts on offering
  • Packaging: stackable and resealable

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